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Our motto: 'KISS ' - KEEP IT SIMPLE & SECURE ... ViA a better way!

ViA... It's all about People

We are the support team for our ViA Agents, specially educated sales representatives who are the real CEO's of our global future success.

The ViA Agents building real social communities, near you.

The ViA Team are all individuals who stand for our unique model where the staff who do interact with our smallest vendors the merchants are the real 'face' of what ViA stands for. A cashless future must be built on that using values are FREE - SAFE - FAIR.

100 Year Corporate Model

The ViA Business Model Innovation and its unique Revenue Model Innovation are based on the founder's early vision, that a more fair society, a more safe e-Society will need to stand on a TRUST-CHAIN were consumers, the users, and the smallest vendors and the merchants become the center of global success.

The early vision become the eValue Theory

Meet The ViA Team

Global doer's

Global Doers! Some of us in the team has worked together for more than 30 years. Pioneered and spearheaded the IT and Telecom industry. We are among a very few in the world who has been involved and developed system and business solution already when there was only MTD and later NMT as a mobile standard in Sweden followed by GSM. We started the first free public e-Mail and 'chatting-room' already 1983 as a BBS solution followed by the creation of MiniVoice and Public Voicemail service centers.

Today 2018 our ViA Team is geared to take the ViA Model to global success, with its uniqe:

Mats Engstrom

Mats Engstrom

VP R&D and Group CTO

Peter Tormey

Peter Tormey

Executive VP

Karl-Erik Ericsson

Karl-Erik Eriksson

Vice President Audit &Cheif Financial Officer

Gosalia Jayesh Pratapray

Gosalia Jayesh Pratapray

VP Strategic Affairs
Andreas Wagner

Andreas Wagner

Officer Incident Response and Digital Forensics
Christine Badua

Chrstine Badua

Cheif of Demographic and Social Statistics
Ashish Sobti

Ashish Sobti

Business Development Manager MENA
Mohammed Fudzil

Mohammed Fudzail

Project Development Director
Mel Calvert

Mel Calvert

Communication Director
Sunny Calvert

Sunny Hartman

Social Media Director
Andreas Wagner

Dr. Aaron Sean Poynton

Global Strategic Adviser

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World class doers - 40 years in the micro payment space

The ViA Groups Execuive Team and its senior advicers are among a handfull privilaged individuals with handson expernce from 3 generations mobilephone generations, IT experince from the time.....

Get to know the Executives

Uniqe Experinces and long experinces, in a few words

Founder of the ViA Group - with forty-two (42) years hands-on experience from developing IT transaction-based business and eCommerce solutions, from whiteboard ideas, all the way to global consumer usage. Designed and launched first free e-mail and e-conference system in Sweden for CompuText in 1983, founding member of the Voicemail Association (VMA) in 1986, and introduced Voicemail as a new technology and service concept in Europe. CEO for ESSELTE VOISE AB with the first analoge Audiotex multi-line system MiniVoice, which later was the pillar for ViA TEL AB. Founding member of the Arab Language Working Group of MINC in October of 2000. Operates the McGordons- Ltd group of companies which was started in 1998 and established the ViA Group in 2004 with its UAE company ViA EMIRATES LLC. Introduced Voicemail in Europe in mid-1980s and headed the creation of Value Added Services-VAS (800 and the 900 public services), which at such early stadge was known as AUDIOTEX Services. and launched these services in more than 10 countries.

You can send email: Lars@Go-ViA-Go.com

Designed and launched first free e-mail and e-conference system in Sweden for CompuText in 1983 Up until August of 2006, Mr. Engström was the CEO of Nerdlabs Consulting, Sweden, Senior Engineer & MIS Manager for Telecom Carrier TeliTel AB Sweden, 1994 - 2002 System & Solution expert with over 35 years’ hands-on-experience. Mr. Engström has been working with Lars Olof Känngård’s different projects creating companies and global consumer trends since 1983. Mr. Engström has vast experience in building systems from hardware to software, integrating system solutions within corporations in addition to building Value-Added Systems & integrations to various Telecom standards.
Peter Tormey small portrait 80x80
A senior banker and financial services subject matter expert, who has decades of experience across Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific and Asia. Extensive experience in Mergers and acquisition, business integration and process reengineering. Notable history as a Senior Executive with General Electric. Has actively overseen GE’s business and risk in joint ventures such as Bank of Ayudhya Thailand, Cosmos Bank Taiwan, Singapore Post, Tesco Card Services and Central Card in Thailand, Hyundai Capital Korea, Walmart Card China, AFS Indonesia and SBI Cards in India.
Tax Accountant for the Swedish Tax Authority as early as 1976. A combined 40-year career of international fiscal, audit, tax and financial experiences, Mr. Eriksson brings quality to the ViA Group that creates a high standard. Moved to the private accounting sector in 1982 and started his own accounting firm in 1992.
Operated his own auditing company in Sweden for almost 25 years, then sold to Ernst & Young Associated for 10 years with Coopers and Lybrand (the distinguished accounting firm that was formed in 1998 from a merger of Price Waterhouse Coopers & Lybrand.
Aaron is the CEO of Omnipoynt Solutions, a 4IR technology consulting firm. He has served in various leadership positions with companies in the global high-tech markets since 2005. He’s conducted business valued in over $1B in more than 50 countries.
Before his civilian career, he served as a U.S. Army Officer. Aaron holds several advanced degrees including an MBA from Duke, AMP from Harvard Business School, MSc from George Washington, and a doctorate in Public Administration from the University of Baltimore. Aaron is also a Fulbright Specialist.

Mr. Jayesh Prataprai Gosalia, US-based entrepreneur, adds more than 40 years’ experience in international business to the ViA Team of experts.

Mr. Gosalia's background includes many years in management positions with major automobile companies such as the Ford Motor Company & Mazda partnership, serving as Product Development Engineer in different divisions around the world. At Atlantic Shipping he served as Overseas Director and has been involved in projects with the Indian Railway and Indian Defense System.

His invaluable managerial knowledge and extensive skill set is focused on seeing India as the beacon of progress for the rest of the world.

A globally-recognized IT forensic expert with a unique track record; has worked in North America, East and West Europe, Asia, and throughout the Middle East; has experience spanning all sectors, especially finance, government, intelligence and law enforcement. He has performed numerous investigations of insider threats, terrorism and politically-motivated cases, along with standard computer and mobile fraud and cybercrimes.
33 years in IT and IT problem solving and incident response. 18 years in Information Security Assessments. Security Operation Center, C4I, IAM. and centralized, management (SIEM) and Risk Assessment.
Certified trainer for almost all OSSTMM classes; Data Protection Commissioner (TUEV Nord-certified); plus many product-related certifications. Member of the European Commission; CTOSE project; EICAR member; founder of several IT Security initiatives in Germany; a well-known speaker at conferences; and author of numerous articles in Security Magazines.
A Payment Industry expert with more than 12 years’ experience in gathering information and compiling global movements within payment, online and mobile phone development, positioning the ViA Group at the forefront. Today, the Department of Information Gathering (DiG) has a unique collection of global facts and country developments in our own in-house ViA INTRANET
Fluent in written and spoken English, Hindi and Arabic Skilled in communicating new innovations to industry professionals. Previous projects include Princess Nora University for Women - Kuwait, King Abdullah Specialist Children’s Hospital – Kuwait
Professional executive with diverse industry and position experiences for more than 25 years.
Multiple industries experiences from IT, telecommunication, media, broadcasting, property development and renewable energy.
Involved with mega developments and project leadership including Malaysia first cable TV, Kuala Lumpur Central City, Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, Dubai Teleport, Palm Jumeirah, Masdar City, Smart City developments in Malaysia and Islamic Banking core systems in Malaysia, India, Spain and South Korea.
Have been associated with ViA from its early stage back in 1999.
With more than 50 years of professional communications experience, spanning from an early position in the U.S. Army as a Communications Officer to Sales Marketing communications, and as an international showbiz entertainer.
Mr. Calvert has also published several books and brings valuable writing skills and experience in perfecting the message of the ViA model to the world.
He has been associated with Mr. Känngård for over 40 years.
Many years’ experience in Graphic Design; Copy Editing; former Teacher in USA.

Sunny is the world No 1 Pancake maker.

Tech entrepreneur at heart. Built tons of stuff. Broke most of it Consider design + innovation as mission critical Fascinated by scale. Like to solve big problems Passionate about delivering exceptional customer experience Led multiple global “idea-to-execution” projects on future focused in-store technologies Grew and serviced a customer base of 5500+ retailers in 50+ Countries Strategized store roll outs for MNC retailers in the APAC and EMEA regions Established a pan EMEA reseller network to market SMB focused retail solutions Initiated / managed 15+ global technology partnership serving medium/large businesses Built some of the earliest SaaS, mobility, in-store and CEM solutions

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The ViA Group has ViA Team mebers in several countries



Here is a few of all the individuals who has invested their time and efforts to perfect the ViA Model and the ViA Concept.

We should point out that our advisers and Angel Investors have contributed their highly professional knowledge and experiences to the creation of the ViA Model, voluntarily and they have never even asked for a dollar in compensation. They all share the same, change people's lives...ViA a better way!

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