Official Representatives

ViA Global Solutions Pte Ltd Official Representatives

We appoint representatives from time to time, who are specially appointed individuals, with skills and experiences which will contribute to the deployment of the ViA model and its concepts in different countries. We will therefore list any official representative here on our official website so any identity can be verified. Any representative will be listed and if their appointment is being cancelled, the date for the cancellation will be listed on this webpage. The representative has given you a letter and that letter should have been signed by at least the Group President & CVO Mr. Lars Olof Kanngard, also a registered director.

Apointmets 2021

April 2021

ViA Global Solutions Pte Ltd (VGS) is honored to appoint Mr. Jayesh Pratprai Gosalia (Indian Passport holder) as our representative from the 1st of April 2021 with the right to represent VGS in India.

VGS plan to establish a branch in India and ha already interests in two India based companies: ViA Card Ltd and ViA MiniPay Ltd, both registered in Mumbai.